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Friday, July 30, 2010

Did Taiwan ally with the Sino Union or was there a hostile takeover? Given the storied history between the two (even with warmer relations now), why would Taiwan want to help the beaten "Communist State?"

As China became more westernized it's relations with Taiwan improved vastly. Eventually the two nations negotiated a "separated but united" pact which was patterned after the relationship the United States has with Puerto Rico. And since the Sino Union was originally an economic alliance of Asian nations, naturally Taiwan remained a part of it when it was quickly converted into a military alliance. At this point Taiwan isn't so much concerned about what will become of the ousted PRC, but rather fears what a Jade ruled China will mean for them. Kao-Shen is an ultra-nationalist who see himself as a great conqueror. A Jade ruled China would inevitably lead to an invasion of Taiwan.

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