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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How do you feel about the criticisms against photo ref artists and what do you think sets your work apart from that?

Frankly, I find the biast against photo reference in comic art to be overplayed. Dave McKean uses photos, Alex Ross uses photos, so does JH Williams...and they are all widely respected artists in the field. It's really not a big deal to anyone except a handful of angry purists.

As for my own work, I consider myself a storyteller above all. The style in Titanium Rain is a means to an end in that sense. Wheather people consider it "real" art or not isn't what matters. For me it's all about conveying the story I want to tell.


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Alec Killian and Happy are modeled after you two, huh?

We use a lot of photo reference in our work. With a story as epic as Titanium Rain we needed models who would be available at all times. So yeah, Kat and I are in the book....as are many friends and family.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

What are pan-immunity genes?

This is explained somewhat in the "Embedded" short story that appears in the Titanium Rain Hardcover. But the short answer is that in the world of Titanium Rain the Pan-Immunity gene was one of the first "custom genes" that could be purchased and given to children in the womb. It beefs up a person's immune system to the level that they rarely get sick.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cammy's Comic Corner names Titanium Rain Book of the Month for June.

Cammy's Comic Corner Podcast has named Titanium Rain vol. 1 Book of the Month for June of 2010. Click HERE to read the entire review as well as watch the video.


Escape from Tomorrow Review and Signing News

The Escape from Tomorrow blog gave Titanium Rain Vol 1 a wonderful review on May 26th.

"The quantity and quality of additional material in Titanium Rain, on the other hand, is such that I feel I've been doing a disservice by referring to it simply as 'bonus material' - what we have here is a back story, an origin, extended reading ... recruitment posters, periodical extracts, weapons specs, short - and not so short - stories ... beautifully illustrated throughout."

Thanks Guys!!
As well, Josh and I will be signing again at Rising Sun Creations in Mission Valley with our good friend Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket fame on Saturday June 26th from Noon till 5pm. If you're in the San Diego area, come check us out! We'll have Vol. 1 available as well as sketches and art prints.