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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Publisher Archaia’s Restructuring

In mid-May our publisher, Archaia Studios Press, announced the company was undergoing a restructuring due to co-founder Aki Liao’s personal decision to depart ASP.
“Mark and I started ASP Comics as a hobby business in classic ‘two-guys-in-a-garage’ fashion, and that hobby business has grown well beyond its initial size and scope..,” said Aki Liao. “...It’s been an amazing ride, and I enjoyed meeting a lot of wonderful people along the way, especially the talented group of creators that I’ve had the good fortune to work with. It is with a sad heart that I depart as I’m no longer able to give the company the kind of commitment it requires and wish everyone at ASP the best for the future.”

As a creative team with Archaia Studios Press, we feel a responsibility to assure our readers that ASP is in good standing, not at risk of going out of business, and Titanium Rain issue #1 will make it’s debut at the San Diego Comic Con in July. We are confident ASP will continue being a great company with great books. As a company grows there are always stepping stones like this that arise along the way.

Other ASP creators have voiced similar support, such as David Peterson (Mouse Guard), mpMann (Innana’s Tears), Josh Hechinger (Grave Doug Freshley), Dave Moran (Robotika), A. David Lewis (Some New Kind of Slaughter), and Tom Pinchuk & Kate Glasheen (Hybrid Bastards).

ASP Press Release: http://www.daradja.com/2008_pr_052108.php

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