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Monday, October 19, 2009

Press Release: Who Does What

Due to numerous articles in the comics press containing false or misleading information about Titanium Rain, the creators of the book have decided to step forward and clear up a few things.
First and for most, Josh Finney is both the WRITER and LEAD ARTIST on the book. Along with writing the story, he is also responsible for the panel layouts, digital painting, 3D graphics, graphic design, lettering, and concept art. Kat Rocha's role in the process is as a penciler and flatter. Early in Titanium Rain's creation Josh and Kat had opted to simply list the art credits as being done by both of them. Specifically stating who does which tasks seemed unnecessary. That is until the press repeatedly ran articles crediting Kat for all the art tasks, and on occasion, even credited her for Josh's past body of work as a professional artist.

The truth is, for the last couple of years Josh has been essentially mentoring Kat, teaching her the skills to eventually become an artist in her own right. This is not something Josh or Kat would have wanted to have made public, but apparently the press cannot get it right. Look, we all understand these feel-good "Girls can draw too!" human-interest stories are en vogue right now, but it does not excuse piss-poor journalism.

For the record:
Josh Finney is the lead artist on Titanium Rain. Kat Rocha is the penciler and flatter.

Josh has done past work for Star Trek Enterprise, NOT Kat.

All the Titanium Rain covers are painted by Josh.

The "Digital Realism" style that Titanium Rain is known for was created by Josh Finney, and can be seen in much of his work for game companies such as Spartan Publishing and Rebel Games.

Please of the love of dog, comics press, do your damn homework next time.

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