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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WonderCon 2009 Update: Part 1

With Titanium Rain up and running again, I suppose I should probably start posting here a little more often. So far, aside from the rare post or two from myself, it has been Kat who has been diligently maintaining this site with regular updates. Anyway, with the two of us returning from Wonder Con in San Francisco, I figured I'd share some observations about our journey up north.
Overall I'd have to say it was a success for Titanium Rain. The book was received VERY well by the Bay Area crowd, which was a relief to Kat and I both, considering we weren't sure how the freaky city by the bay would take to a war comic where America isn't pure evil, and the men and women in uniform are portrayed as good people trying to make the best of a bad situation. Judging by our sales, we had nothing to worry about --our entire stock of issue #1 was sold out by Sunday morning.
As for the convention itself, anyone who can get to Wonder Con, I highly recommend it. This was my first visit, and I was impressed. The floor was well organized, the vibe was good, and at no point did I feel the urge to don a chem suit and start zotting costumed freaks with a stun prod. If anything, I'd describe Wonder Con as San Diego light. It has all the perks of the San Diego con without the horde of unwashed masses, Hollywood hype, or aging porn stars begging for work. Even better, Wonder Con is a comics convention that is actually about COMICS. Most of the fans stopping by the booth actually were interested in media that involves READING, which is a nice change of pace.

The good:
-Punk rockers trying to pick a fight with Klingons. This made my day. "Klingons are pussies, yo! C'mon up here and fight me ya space loser!" It would've been better if the Klingons hadn't wimped out and actually threw down. K'Pla!

-Hanging out with fellow Archaia talent Nick Tapalansky (The Awakening) and Patrick McEvoy (Stark Weather) and getting to know them better.

-The guy who'd built a damn near perfect Tom Servo replica. Hell yeah.

-Meeting the creator of Marsh Rocket, and finding out she lives only a few minutes away from Kat and I.

-Meeting DA artist, Ram Star and purchasing a rather nice piece of art from the man.

-Meeting up with a number of the Geek Speak crowd. Always good to touch base with the geek army!

-Scoring an incredible deal on a 1:24 scale Tachikoma.

The bad:
-Not having enough copies of Titanium Rain to sell. By Sunday morning we were out, and people were still asking for it.

The ugly:
-Seeing 300 sweaty pounds of flab pushed into a size 2 leather fetish one-piece. Please, people, if you've got Jaba's body and Tree Beard's face, you really SHOULDN'T be dressing like Xena Warrior Princess.

-The kid who talked like Truman Capote and smelled like Cheetos who came by the booth to tell us how much he luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuved Jesus and how he was a virgin. And I mean, this kid loved Jesus. Really really loved him. In a Biblical sense. I have a feeling this boy took that bit in Leviticus literally about having to be "in the closet" to pray properly.

-Getting utterly hammered on ONE, yes, ONE white Russian (it reacted bad with the Zoloft) and then telling a very matronly middle-aged Chinese barmaid how attractive I thought she was. Ack.

More soon,

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